17 Keys to Getting the Results You Want in Life

Here are 17 keys to getting the results you want in life:
  1. Plan.
  2. A clear vision is the big picture
  3. Goals are your roadmap
  4. Massive actions precede massive results
  5. Focus on commitment, not motivation.
  6. Seek knowledge, not results.
  7. Make the journey fun.
  8. Get rid of stagnating thoughts.
  9. Use your imagination.
  10. Get rid of distractions.
  11. Don’t rely on others.
  12. Protect yourself from burnout.
  13. Take no less than 100% responsibility for your life
  14. Be clear why you’re here
  15. Decide what you want
  16. Believe it is possible
  17. Believe in yourself
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