3 Easy Steps To Evaluate Threats

You must have been threatened before and most times you get high blood pressure.  If this applies to you, please try and stop it. It is better to evaluate the situation first before you die just because of empty threats. Most people are known for empty threats while some threats are serious. Do not conclude that a threat is serious without actually evaluating it. So here is a simple guide on how you can evaluate threats before taking actions or just keeping quiet. 

Here Are 3 Easy Steps to Evaluate Threats
  • Measure the threat's urgency. 
Decide how confident you are that the threatening person's threats will be observed. There is a wide margin between a threatening note and a man who stands before you with a knife. The way you react depends fundamentally on the immediate danger.
  •  Assess the state of play. 
When the threat is immediate, look for potential defense mechanisms and escape routes quickly and calmly. If the risk is more abstract, try and figure out what is happening. Make sure you understand why and what the risk really is. Why are you being threatened? If you're not sure of that, tell. And guess if you can't ask.

Would they like you something? Consider giving a person at risk what he / she is asking for. You never know how desperate someone is and the quality of your wallet doesn't make sense to be shot.
  • Evaluate the field. 
Would you know the country's layman? Are you tracked by CCTV? Do you have an escape opportunity? It describes the actions in dealing with the situation strongly.