Here Are 3 Words You Need To Stop Using

  1.  I Can't: The word I can't is a limiting words that subjects us not only to un-productivity but also pronounces the powers we have as God's own children useless. Your capabilities are unlimited except when you choose not to recognize that fact by using the word "I Can't". When you say you can't the universe captures that and will not help you to get what your desires are. Many people are in poverty just because they said they can't be rich. 
  2. I Hope: Hope is not a solution nor a strategy towards achieving anything good. When you hope it means you are just assuming and that is not the way to get anything good out of life. Hope will make you not to device a means to get what you want. As you continue to hope, you will fail to see what you desire come to reality. Faith is far better than hope. For example, faith works with actions while hope works with dreamlike assumptions that has no assurance that what we want is going to materialize. 
  3. I Will Try: Trying is not an assurance that you will. When you say you will try it means you will actually accept failure. You desire to get what you want? Then say I will and not "I Will Try".