4 Ways To Become Goal Oriented

Here Are 4 Ways To Become Goal Oriented

1. Choose what you want to change. 

Get a new piece of paper or create a new diary. Write down the things that do not fit well for you in your life. Many experts think that one goal at a time is better to remain concentrated, but you may want to address multiple goals at once. Identify places that have burdened you for months, or years in your life. For example, if you smoke, it could be time to stop! Areas to be taken into account:

  • Health and fitness
  • Relationships
  • Career
  • Finances
  • Habits and lifestyle choices
  • Education

2. Write down your goals. Write your priorities. 

Get a piece of paper and start to write down what you want. Studies show that you are more likely to commit to them when you enter your goals. Create the top of the page with four headings. The top of "One Planet," "Six Months," "One Year," or "Five Years" should be the first heading. If you want, you can start with "Ten Years," etc. Make a list of what you want to improve under the target area. So state under the timetables which you would like to alter by the time of your life. For example, "Career" or "Finances."
  • Make sure your goals are stated in the positive. For example, "I will.." not "I might" or "I hope..." The more confident your statements are, the more motivating they will be for you.
  • Be specific when you write down your goals. For example, instead of "I will lose weight" try "I will lose 5 pounds by increasing my activity level and decreasing my caloric intake."
  • At the bottom of the page make a section called "Action Steps" and write down all the steps you will take to help push you towards your goals. For example, "I will walk one mile per day" or "I will eat a fresh salad every day."

3. Make sure your goals are attainable. 

Have you the expertise, experience, tools and resources to do so? You can, for instance, plan to take a night class, invest in exercise equipment or hire a business trainer. If you do everything you can to train, you can feel more motivated and ready to achieve your objectives.

4. Find a mentor.

Many successful entrepreneurs have a great mentor. Consider a successful entrepreneur, an athlete, or an admirer. If you know them, please ask them if they'd like to help you. Read how they've achieved their goals if you don't know them. Study what they have done and find inspiration. You already have a blog or post in which you share your success story. "How I made my first million dollars, for example..."