It appears the Andy Dalton era is at its end for the Cincinnati Bengals. The three-time Pro Bowl quarterback has come under fire in a big way in 2019, with his play not exactly helping the team avoid a terrible 0-8 start to the season. With the NFL trade deadline only hours away, there aren't any rumblings concerning a potential trade of Dalton, but that might now change with news the Bengals will reportedly bench the former second-round pick after their bye week -- per Tom Pelissero of NFL Network.

In his place, they'll start rookie fourth-round pick Ryan Finley, getting a glimpse a what life will look like after Dalton.
Finley will be thrown right into the fire against a stingy Baltimore Ravens defense in Week 10, and the future of Dalton is suddenly in the air after having thrown only nine touchdowns to eight interceptions over the first half of the season. The continued absence of All-Pro wide receiver A.J. Green due to injury has hurt his ability to stretch the field, yes, but there's a longstanding concern over if Dalton could ever truly be the quarterback to take the Bengals to the Super Bowl. Even in his most stellar seasons, he's fallen flat time and again in the playoffs.
To that point, Dalton rattled off a regular season record of 50-26-1 from 2011 through 2015, but went 0-4 in the playoffs in that same span of time. Still, the Bengals rewarded his regular season success with a six-year extension worth as much as $115 million in 2014, and that complicates things mightily if they're looking to make a last-minute trade.
An interesting suitor would be the Chicago Bears -- a team that desperately needs solid, veteran QB play to match their defense -- but Dalton is still owed $6.45 million in salary over the rest of this season, and he'll hit a team's salary cap for $17.5 million in 2020. If someone, be it the Bears or anyone else, is willing to absorb such a massive hit to their cap, then it's possible a deal could be done. If not, releasing Dalton in 2020 would save the Bengals the aforementioned $16 million and $17.5 million, respectively, and it seems that's a more likely outcome for what began as a promising marriage in 2011. 
Head coach Zac Taylor was brought in to take the Bengals to the next level after longtime coach Marvin Lewis was fired, and Taylor is ready to do drastic things after an 0-8 start to make sure his head isn't on the chopping block next.
Could this decision impact any trade possibility of Green, though, and especially with a ready-made market for his services? Possibly, if Taylor wants to see what a tandem of Green and Finley would look like -- at least for now, because Green is likely to walk in unrestricted free agency in 2020.