6 Ways To Keep Your Shoes To Make It Last Longer

Here The Best 6 Ways To Keep Your Shoes

1. Keep your shoes in the box for long-term storage. 

Your shoebox was made specifically to store shoes and is the optimal storage area for longer-term storage. Storing your shoes in the box protects the shoe from the dangers of sunlight, dust, and extreme temperatures. When using a plastic shoe box, make sure it is completely dry to prevent mildew from growing.

  • Examples of shoes that you'd keep in long-term storage include dress shoes or heels.

2. Let regularly worn shoes air out. 

Shoes that you wear often will likely have more moisture and are exposed to more humidity than ones that stay in your closet. For regularly worn shoes, store them in an open storage area to allow the damp fabric or leather to breathe. Rotating which shoes you wear each day will also help them dry out.

3. Use a wooden shoe tree. 

A wooden shoe tree will absorb the moisture from your shoe and will keep them feeling and looking new for a longer time. A shoe tree helps the shoe keep its natural shape, which also lessens the possibility for warping and cracking. Insert your shoe tree into your shoe an hour or two after you've finished wearing them.

  • Shoe trees can cost anywhere from $15 to $700.
  • Wooden shoe trees are ideal for leather or suede shoes and can be purchased at most major department or shoe stores.

4. Stuff your shoes with newspaper. 

Stuffing your shoes with newspaper is a more affordable alternative to a shoe tree. Filling your shoes with newspaper will help keep the shoe shape, absorb moisture and alleviate odors. Stuffing your shoes with newspaper is great for casual shoes or sports sneakers.

5. Keep your shoes out of harsh environments. 

Storing your shoes in a harsh environment will contribute to them wearing out faster. Keep your shoes out of direct sunlight or places that have a lot of humidity. Exposing your shoes to constant water can damage them and make them unwearable. The best place to store shoes is in a closet, where it is separated from the elements, dirt, and dust.

6. Hide your shoes from pets and other dangers. 

The most dangerous thing for shoes is exposing them to dangerous external environments where they can become damaged. Keep shoes out of the center of the floor to prevent people from tripping or stepping on them. Also, pets like dogs may be lured to the scent of leather shoes and be inclined to tear them apart. If you do have pets who are known to chew on shoes, keep the shoes high on a shelf in your closet.