What do you have ZERO sympathy for?

These are what people have zero sympathy for:
  • People who get towed when they leave their car running in the fire lane in front of supermarkets.
  • Sex Traffickers
  • People who act like the victim with everything
  • Needing to listen to music badly enough that you play your phone speaker on public transportation.
  • Three years in prison is not enough for eight years of child abuse. Disgusting.
  • As a minimum wage employee, the amount of times my black coworker has been called racial slurs for just doing his job makes me so fucking sick
  • When I see someone driving like a total nobhead, cutting everyone off, causing near-crashes all down the road, and then I pass them later on pulled over by a cop.
  • People who yell or snap at bartenders and then have to wait longer to get their drink
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