Analogue and Hyperdub have teamed up for a limited edition Sega Genesis album

Benjamin Okorie
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Image: Analogue

For its 15th anniversary, London-based electronic music label Hyperdub has teamed up with Analogue, a video game hardware company, to release a limited edition album on a Sega Genesis cartridge. The album will be bundled with a custom version of Analogue's Mega Sg, an aftermarket take on the original Sega Genesis that can play Sega Genesis, Mega Drive, and Master System cartridges. Last year, the company did a similar collaboration with Ghostly International and the Super Nt, Analogue's aftermarket Super Nintendo console.

Hyperdub is a natural partner for Analogue to team up with for this project. Formed in 2004 and born out of the UK's early dubstep scene, the label has since become an influential, taste-making hub. In 2017, the label...

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