Ghana is the third highest African country that sends students from Africa to the UK

Benjamin Okorie
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<p class="">A total of 1,475 Ghanaian students are in the UK to study in universities in the country.</p> <p class="">According to, this makes Ghana the third highest country where students come from to study in UK universities.</p> <p class="">The UK is the second most patronized study abroad destination for foreigners. It hosts about 458,000 international students.</p> <p class="">The enrollment statistics for the 2017/18 academic year, show that Ghana comes third after Egypt (2,570) and Kenya (2,190).</p> <p class="">Other insights can be picked from the annual statistical report about international enrollment in the UK.</p> <p class="">The statistics show that out of the 1,475 (72%) Ghanaian students in the UK, 1,080 of them are pursuing a postgraduate degree. Undergraduate students also accounted for 395.</p> <p class="">Most Ghanaians preferred to study in England as compared to other parts of the UK.</p>
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