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"The wicked flee though no one pursues, but the righteous are as bold as a lion." PROVERBS 28:1

Courage means facing difficult things at a very high degree of discomfort. It means losing immediate gratification of desires to go for more important things that may cost quite a fortune. The opening verse describes perfectly who a courageous man is.

The wicked as described in the bible passage indicates that for one to be courageous it means the person is not wicked. So to be courageous you ought to be kind and pure in heart. It takes kindness to be courageous because you know in your heart that no matter what happens you will not lose totally at the end. 7you will have something to look out for as your ultimate reward which you know is not something that will be of a high disadvantage to you.

The righteous are characterized with boldness. Boldness means to face whatever condition you see in your life with faith and goodwill. Stephen in the bible was a man known to be righteous but people where against him simply because he believed in Jesus Christ. He was simply asked to denounce his faith or face death by stoning which of course was a very bad way to die. Something remarkable was recorded about Stephen. Stephen did not give up his faith but he chose to die in the Lord having a strong faith that at the end of his life on earth there is a reward for him in heaven. He did not see the stones in the hands of the angry people but he saw an open heaven where Jesus Christ was at the right hand of God. He believed that heaven will receive him with joy and there was a great reward for him.

What conditions are you facing? What situations are you facing that scares you? You really need to be bold to survive every adversary and to achieve that boldness you simply need to avoid wickedness and embrace righteousness. Righteousness connotes every act, words, service or relationship that does not hurt people and is pleasing to God and man.