'Can you record on Sling TV?': How to add Cloud DVR to the internet TV service and use it to record shows and movies

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  • You can record live content on Sling TV to watch anytime using the internet TV service's digital video recording add-on, Cloud DVR. 
  • All Sling TV subscribers get at least 10 hours of space for free to save recorded content using Cloud DVR.
  • For a $5 monthly charge, Sling TV Blue, Orange, and Blue+Orange subscribers can get Cloud DVR Plus, which will record up to 50 hours of content.
  • You currently can't purchase more than 50 hours of storage on Sling TV Cloud DVR.
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Among a list of add-on options offered to customers, Sling TV's cloud-based DVR allows subscribers to record movies and shows and watch them later. The Free and Plus packages grant 10 and 50 hours of cloud storage, respectively, with a few select channels like ESPN3, Local Now, ACC Network Extra, and SEC Network+ not available for recording. 

Sling TV's Cloud DVR is available across devices, whether you're using a smart TV, streaming strick, or the app except for the Xfinity X1 platform. Anyone can add the service through their browser by signing into their Account page. Some subscribers can also add the service using the Sling TV mobile app, though that ability is only available on select devices. 

You can fast forward and skip commercials with all recorded Sling TV shows except for programs offered through the on-demand format.

Here's how to add Cloud DVR Plus to your account and record shows and movies on Sling TV. 

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How to add Sling TV's Cloud DVR Plus to your subscription 

1. Go to sling.com and sign in.

2. Click the gear icon in the top right to access your Account Settings.

sling tv cloud dvr storage 1

3. On the Account tab, select Manage Account 

sling tv cloud dvr add 2

4. Select Change Subscription.

sling tv cloud dvr add 3

5. Underneath your current subscription plan, choose the Extra's drop-down. 

sling tv cloud dvr add 4

6. Click the +ADD button next to the Cloud DVR Plus option. 

sling tv cloud dvr add 5

7. Select Review. 

sling tv cloud dvr add 6

8. Choose Submit Order. 

sling tv cloud dvr add 7

How to use Sling TV's Cloud DVR to record shows and movies

1. Find what you want to watch and record either through the Sling Guide or through Search. 

2. Select the title you're interested in.

3. Click Record to set your recording. 

sling tv cloud dvr record 1

4. Choose how you'd like to record your show.

sling tv cloud dvr record 2

5. To watch your recordings, click the My TV tab and select the episode from the Recordings heading. 

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