Designers inspired by Tesla's Cybertruck are reimagining it as an RV, race car, military vehicle, and more

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The highly anticipated Tesla Cybertruck isn't set to go into production until late 2021, but in the meantime, artists have been reimagining the electric truck in different and creative ways.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk revealed the highly anticipated truck in November, saying the Cybertruck could be "completely adaptable for your needs."

In line with this adaptability, Tesla also teased its own rendering of the Cybertruck as a "Cybercamper" with a pull-out kitchen and pop-top roof, a popular campervan feature.

Now, artists and designers who are not affiliated with the electric vehicle maker have capitalized on the infamous geometric look to create their own renderings of the Cybertruck in different iterations, such as an RV-base, racecar, and military transport.

Keep scrolling to see the Cybertruck dreamed into different uses:

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Tesla's officially teased its camper van version of the Cybertruck.

Cybertruck Owners Club user Joeguy07 also redesigned the "Cybercamper" to include a tiny home in the vault.

Source: Cybertruck Owners Club 

Jan Peisert, who is also Havas Germany's head of UX, reimagined the Cybertruck in four different armored styles.

Source: Instagram

This includes the "Next Humvee" armored military transport vehicle with solar panels ...

... a Cybertruck combat tank, aptly nicknamed the "Tank"...

... and the "Quiet Scout" military reconnaissance vehicle.

Peisert also redesigned the Cybertruck as an armored civilian vehicle nicknamed "Plaid Apocalypse"...

... that also has a matte black version.

Along with the renderings, Peisert designed blueprints that detail the military transport Cybertruck designs.

Automotive designer Jon Sibal recreated the Cybertruck for racing, while making slight design tweaks ...

Source: Instagram

... such as giving the truck a widebody and side view mirrors.

Sibal also created a different widebody "Hoonitruck" Cybertruck racecar.

Source: Instagram

However, the widebody design doesn't stop at race cars. Sibal also applied the widebody to an off-road capable lifted Cybertruck.

Sibal's final widebody design took a completely different approach to the Cybertruck ...

Source: Instagram

... by giving it an "origami-like" exterior that resembles an Iron Man suit, according to Sibal's Instagram caption.

Source: Instagram

Cybertruck Owners Club user KuMX designed an RV along with the Cybertruck.

KuMX's creation includes all of the traditional RV trimmings, such as a bedroom, kitchen, and lounge area.

A bathroom was also included in another iteration of the design.

UK-based Leasing Options took a different approach by redesigning famous vehicles with a "Cybertruck" flare, including the Bugatti Veyron ...

Source: Leasing Options

... and the Volkswagen Beetle.


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