4 food eating tips on how to eat right you will really appreciate

4 food eating tips on how to eat right you will really appreciate
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Monday, April 26, 2021
Food is absolutely necessary for the body and if food is not consumed then the growth process is dwarfed. 

Eating of food is what everybody does but it's unfortunate that most people do not know how to eat. 

Here are the four tips on how to eat right:

1. Eat at most two times a day. It's been a long time that it has been established that food is not to be eaten often, but it took a two billion dollars research from a renowned university in America for people to appreciate what it means to give gap between meals.  

Intermittent fasting, a long gap (maybe sixteen-hour gap) between sufficient meals will eventually make your ailments go away. If you just give enough gap between sufficient meals most of the cancerous cells in your body will die of starvation because they cannot survive without food. 

Also it is necessary to allow your stomach to be empty because an empty stomach is required to facilitate any correction and purification in your body. An empty stomach is very very important otherwise purification at the cellular level will not happen. 

The best time to eat will not be a difficult task to determine, just count sixteen hours after your meal and you know when next to eat. The best time I eat is ten o'clock in the morning and seven o'clock in the evening.

2. Know what you eat. The food you eat should be what you know will be good for your body at any point in time you have the opportunity to eat. It is very important that you feel the food first before you take it inside your body. 

To feel your food requires you to touch the food, either with your hands or with your conscious mind. Everyday your body changes. 

The type of food you may eat today and be ok may not be good for your body tomorrow and that means that whenever there is food on your plate, you must feel that food to ascertain if that food is good for your body or not. Only eat what you need. 

To know the food that is good for your body, you have to pay attention to how agile and energetic your body becomes after eating a particular food. Know the time and day you eat anything and see how your body reacts to it. 

If you feel strong and agile then that food is good for your body and if not then you stay away from such food. 

3. Eat with utmost gratitude and reverence: The food you eat is not just a substance, it's not just a material and it's not just about anything, it's another life that you make part of your life. 

Consider being locked up in a room for five days and you are opportune to see God, what would you ask for,? Food right? You should know that whatever that helps develop your body that you so much value must be treated with utmost gratitude and reverence. 

Appreciate what you eat else it will not be able to do the right things in your body. The fruits, the vegetables, the animals, the plants, call it anything that you can make food out of must be shown gratitude because without them your very body will not function properly. 

Also, when you are grateful for the food you eat you do not seem to lack food for another day. If you find out that you rarely find food to ear, it may be that you lack gratitude and reverence for the food you eat. Food has a natural way of making itself available for those who value and respect it. 

4. Don't develop food habits. You are bigger than a machine and so you do not need to be automated. Habit is automation of the behavior and response to stimuli that is done unconsciously. 

One of the true nature of human being is the ability to do things consciously. Animals may eat unconsciously and the way they eat becomes a natural part of them, but humans have the ability to choose what to eat, when to eat and how to eat. There's nothing like good food habit or bad food habit if you are a human being. 

There's more to life than yielding to a particular way of doing something if you are a human being. Food habit? It is a no no for anyone who wishes to become more than just a creature. 

As a man you have the will and the ability to do things just the way you want, you must not make it an automatic process you you to do something like eating else you will be in trouble. Imagine eating unconsciously, it means you will eat whatever that you find in your plate anytime and anywhere. 

Do you think you will have food work for you the way you need it to work if you do not have any form of control over the food you eat? Do not develop food habit, have control over your food, eat the way need to eat and do not be a machine towards food. 

Machines are made automatic in nature but you are not. Habit is automation and you as a human being needs not to be automated.