Are you showering the right way? Here is the list of the 3 best showering practices

Are you showering the right way? Here is the list of the 3 best showering practices

Showering is a very very essential activity for everyone. It's not just about making the body clean, it's also associated with making the body healthy and fresh.

When you shower ensure that you get the maximum benefit out of it. Most people do not know how to shower and so do not get the maximum benefit. 

Here are 3 simple tips on how to shower:

#1. Create a dip-like effect while showering 
Dipping your body inside the river is a cool experience because it makes your whole body cool all at the same time. 

While you shower ensure that the water flows all over your body from your head.  When water touches all over your body from your head, you feel well refreshed than just allowing water to touch your body one part at a time. 

#2. Shower cold water between two to eight degrees below room temperature. 

Cold water has a very good effect on the body both in terms of cleaning it and also in making it more fresh.

When you shower with cold water the cells contract and the pores between the cells opens up so dirt is removed. 

When you shower with warm or hot water the pores of the cells (cells have it's pore through which objects enters into it) opens up and water is absorbed. 

Which of the effects do you want, Cell's pores opening up for the cell to absorbe water  or pores between the cells opening up for dirt to be removed?

#3. Shower at least two times a day
Showering two times a day is a good thing, if you can shower more than twice a day that's better. 

Shower is not only meant to clean the body from dirt, it is also meat for purification. Just by letting water run down your whole body you become more purified. 

Think about this, your body is made of 75% of  water. If you shower you allow fresh water to clean up your outer surface not only when you scrub or use soap.

How often do you shower? What type of water do you shower with? Do you allow water to run over your whole body at the same time starting from your head? 

If you do follow this few simple tips on showering listed above then you will not only enjoy your shower, you will reap good fruits that shower brings about. 
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