How do people make huge money? Learn and start doing same thing now

I know money is really important but i do know money doesn't come because you desire money. It comes because you're doing something well. 

Rather than  brooding about what proportion money you'd wish to earn, if you inspect what value you have to offer , if what you'd wish to offer is actually worthwhile money will happen. 

The richest men don't bother about money. They bothered about

creating something. Because what they created was valuable to everybody, money naturally comes in. 

And particularly , if you're creating what you value, if you're creating what you see as an immense value to everybody's life, you've the enjoyment of making it. 

What proportion money depends upon times. These are all the massive successes  just like the Facebook, or infosys, or whatever else. There are written on a selected time. 

It's historical things. Certain time, certain technology, certain breakthroughs, allow this stuff to happen. 

You'd wish to not search for this stuff . you'd wish to only inspect what's it that you simply  want to make . 

What way do you wish to add value to people's lives. If you're really offering something of great value to people's lives, money will come to you in bulk.