Sure simple step to remove all negative thoughts from your mind now

Most of the things I have come to realize is that most people are actively asking the question, how do I remove negative thoughts from my mind?

What if you discover the sure way you will need to follow to remove negative thoughts from your mind now? Will you appreciate it?

Here and now you have right in from of you the sure simple step to remove from your mind all negative thoughts.

Most of the things you might consider positive or negative are things you precisely labeled as either positive or negative.

The things you abhor are the things you have intellectually condemned. What is negative to your mind may be positive in another's mind.

The believe systems, the ideologies, the insights, the information that defines negativity and positivity are individually unique and as well individually accumulated.

If you do not think anything as negative then nothing will be negative. If you think anything is negative then your mind will recognize such thing as negative.

Take your time and try not to think about monkeys. What happened? Your mind seem to be focused on monkeys, isn't it?

Whatever you do not want to have in your mind, never make an effort to forget about it because it will definitely become your domineering thought.

You cannot forget what you think you should forget. That's the fact. You only have in your mind those things you think about.

If you do not want to have negative thoughts, then do not try to remember them and remove them. 

The thoughts you have in your mind right now should be positive as much as possible. Do not label anything negative else you definitely find yourself thinking about such a thing.

There are no subtraction and division in our minds. There is only addition and multiplication.

It is important to identify and focus with the fact that you are alive and not thinking about what is positive and what is negative.

Just pay attention to something within you that indicates aliveness say like your breathe, your heartbeat, or anything. Never forget to be grateful for life. 

Negative and positive shouldn't be your concern. Your concern should be that you are in line with nature and the source of life. You should show gratitude and reverence to that which is the source of your life.

Never be the judge. Judge not so that you will enjoy your life. So that you wouldn't concern yourself with things and thoughts that are not necessary. 

Whenever you are able to stay unconcerned about the cruelty of this life or the badness around, you avail yourself the opportunity to enjoy life. 

Whenever you adjust and abdicate yourself from the things which proves to provide only worries and judgmental effects, you will be in alignment with nature and life. 


Don't be unnecessarily weird out because your intellect is discriminatory about things. Just be happily engaged with things that draws you closer to who you really are and as well to the source of your existence.