Want to be blessed the entire day? simply do this 4 things now

Being blessed the entire day requires that you hit your peak for the day. If you want to hit your ultimate peak everything should bless you.

There's a way to live like this. You must see how to get every kind of support that you need from everyone and everything around you. 

1. To create a conducive environment for blessings you need to become a spiritual person. Spiritual people get more blessings from people and things around them because they are considered to be making better use of their life.

2. You must also be a gratitude person. You must have some sense of gratitude for every person and for everything. 

It is very important that you make your personality small. When your personality is small everything and every one bless you because they regard your presence more higher than your personality.

People are blessed because they have large presence, not large personality. 

3. Do not be a tyrant. Tyrants are incompetent when it comes to appreciating. One important lesson is that you don't understand growth as being large, understand growth as large presence and small personality, just like thin air.

4. If you want to do anything in this world, you must be able to fit into any situation and transform that. If you don't fit in you cannot transform. 

Being blessed has everything to do with having gratitude, appreciation, large presence, not a tyrant and person of transformation.