3 ways you can get a lot of power as a public speaker

Public speaking

Are you a speaker?

Either an already established public speaker or an upcoming one you need power, isn't it?

If you want to have power, as a speaker you do so by following simple 3 easy steps to go about it. They include:

1. Nothing to hide

2. Nothing to protect

3. Nothing to prove 

When you have nothing to hide, nothing to protect and nothing to prove you tend to get power and connect better with your audience.

When you talk from your heart, just saying your story truthfully, you get better at communicating with your audience without fear.

So for you to have the power you need not to have powerful scripts written. You can speak without script but make sure you follow the simple rule of not hiding, protecting and proving something.

When you hide, protect or prove you might end up messing your speech up because you will not speak fluently from your heart.

The heart is the best script you can have for effective connection with the audience in public speaking.

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