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5 tips to always be joyful

You want a life filled with joyfulness?

You want to lead a happy life and never have anything to worry about?

You want to be well, you want to be happy, you want love?

Wellbeing is nothing more than having a life of happiness and joy.

Even though you are medically diagnosed, you are we simply because you feel happy and joyful.

Here's a list of 5 tips to always be joyful:

1. Keep account of your life

Whenever a day passes, measure how joyful you have been and how joyful you have made people around you to be. Doing this every day will help you become more joyful.

2. Remember life is brief

Just because you slept and woke up today does not mean you are immortal. Millions of people slept yesterday and couldn't wake up. With this in mind, you need to ensure you are always grateful for life. Don't engage in activities that could snap your life or anybody's life away. Peaceful coexistence gives joy.

3. Take responsibility of your happiness

Don't expect people to be in charge of your happiness. Doing so will mean giving them the privilege of determining if you are happy or not. Just be in charge and you will see that people and things won't take your joy away. Remember, your life experiences is entirely your making. It's up to you if you will be sad or happy. If you need joy, choose never to be provoked by anyone or anything.

4. Keep everything that's not you aside before going to bed

You know things that are not you. Your house, your husband, your wife, your family, your education, your certifications, your clothes, everything that's not your soul. Keep them aside before you go to bed. Any day you successfully keep aside those things that are not you, you will become more joyful.

5. Set aside at least 5 minutes every day for love

Look at everything and everyone lovingly. At least spend 5 minutes with anything like a tree, an animal, another person who doesn't contribute anything to you. Show compassion for such a thing. Love goes hand in hand with joy. When you give out love, you attract love and joy in return. The world will become a better place when you are loving and joyful.


To always be joyful do this:

  1. Keep account of your life
  2. Remember life is brief
  3. Take responsibility of your happiness
  4. Keep everything that is not you aside before you go to bed
  5. Set aside at least 5 minutes every day  for love

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