9 sure ways you need to take to become happier and more satisfied with life

Happiness in life is what everyone cares about, don't you?

If you need to become more happier than you are right now, follow this 9 sure ways and you will experience positive transformation.

1. Express gratitude.

Showing gratitude exponentially increases your level of happiness. When you are grateful for life and the things around and within you, you become more conscious of the fact that you are blessed. Knowing that you are blessed gets you more happiness.

2. Practice something challenging.

If you entertain challenges you will incure so much happiness that comes with the challenges. Experience of tough but fun things increases the level of your happiness. Remember the last thing you went for adventure? How happy were you?

3. Connect with someone.

It's good to connect with people. When you connect with someone, you become more happy because such a person extends his own happiness to you.

4. Stop procrastinating.

Whenever you have something to do, do it immediately and not later. You become more happier if you do the things you need to do at the right time. Achievement breeds happiness.

5. Be intellectually curious.

Curiosity is the fuel that propelles adventures and inventions. Wouldn't you be more happier if you learn something new and become more productive? Set your curiosity high and experience more happiness that comes with education.

6. Be open to new experiences.

Don't be stagnant. Go out and have fun. New experiences have a bug part to play concerning your happiness. If you do not have experiences what will make you happy? Go on and try out new things, you will not regret doing so.

7. Express physical affection.

When you have physical affection with people and things around you, you will be more happier whenever you remember or have contact with them. Think of a loved one, do you feel happy about that person? If yes then go on having physical affection for more people and things.

8. Have compassion.

Compassion is a good thing that needs to be in place for you to achieve happiness. When you don't have a kind kind heart, you attract bitterness and so happiness will be far from your reach. 
Be kind always and you will be happy always.

9. Strengthen your relationships

Relationships are well incubated yo produce happiness. You don't intend to have a relationship with someone who drives your happiness away. So those you relate with that makes you happy are to be made more closer. Work hard and make sure your good relationships don't fall apart. You will be sad if you loose a loved one simply because you allow your relationship with the person to wax cold.