Develop a clear purpose with these 3 simple steps and increase your success rate

Would you love to develop a clear purpose increase your success rate?

Would you be more successful if you can have in your toolset a very clear guide on how to become more productive and successful?

If you answered yes to the opening question then this post if for you. If you think maybe still take your time and go through this post because you will benefit from it.

When it comes to becoming a better person it usually requires just a few action-oriented steps:
  1. Discover your purpose
  2. Develop your purpose
  3. Distribute your purpose

Discovering your purpose

What is the reason for your being on earth? 
What are the things you have been born to do?

When you find out the exact reason for your existence then you have discovered your purpose.

It is so unfortunate that most people spend their time searching elsewhere for their purpose instead of in themselves.

Most people often make the mistake that as far as someone is successful in what they do then they have to imitate the person and become successful as well.

When you are ready to succeed you do the right things you are meant to do and not doing what someone else is meant to do.

The purpose of you being on earth includes those things you normally do at ease without stressing yourself. Those things you are passionate about and you often do them without regrets.

What are those things you love doing? The things you do often that brings you fulfilment are the things you are born to do. Develop them and enjoy your life as an original personality.

Developing your purpose

The command that triggers better results is the 'develop command'.

When you are asked to renew your mind what is the reason? Is it for the fun of it that you are told to always keep learning?

When you learn you become better. Until you die you ought to always improve your knowledge and skills and that guarantees success in manifesting your purpose.

Distributing your purpose

Proverbs 18:16 A man's gift maketh room for him, and bringeth him before great men.

When you are ushered into the presence of great men what do you think you have achieved? Success right?

You can never offer something great and expect nothing in return. Your discovered, developed and distributed purpose grants you rewards in return.


Your purpose is the investment that you have indwelling in you and it brings forth rewards. 

Success is synonymous with achievement. To have good success means to achieve good thing. The best thing you can ever achieve is being who you are created to be and using your gift just the way you are required to use it.