Here's how you can determine what is valuable to you and what is not

Most times you need to cut down your spendings and your time and spend them on more valuable things, but how do you determine what is valuable and what is not?

So here's the fastest way you can determine the things that are valuable to you and what are not valuable.

How much time do you spend doing that thing without having a feeling that you are wasting time?

If you find out that you can spend time joyfully on anything, then you value such a thing. 

Time spent on things you value are not considered wasted as far as such a thing is not a wrong thing to do.

So whenever you find yourself spending time on something, you know that you've attached some kind of value to such a thing.

How much fun do you derive in doing that thing?

Whenever you are engaged with what you value, you have fun.

Whenever you have fun doing something then it's possible that such a thing is becoming valuable.

It's not all things you do that makes you happy, it's only when you value an activity that you enjoy doing it.

Is it something you can proudly share with others?

What you are not proud to share is not valuable to you. 

You will see yourself constantly telling people what you do when you value what you do. 

If it's a hobby or something worthwhile, you will introduce it to your family and friends. 

Whatever you value isn't something you enjoy alone, you share with those who are close to you whom you also value.


The things you spend your time on and your resources, including sharing with others are valuable to you. 

Focus on then and you will become more productive and successful.