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Here's how you can now gain focus on the future rather than the past by following this 3 easy step process

The future is bright. This is not the first time of you hearing it right?

If you believe the future is better, why not focus on the future rather than the past?

Well it's not relatively easy to do. When you want to focus you may lack the empowerment to stick to your goal. So here's a 3 step easy guide to help you gain focus on the future rather than the past. 

1. Free your mind of all offenses

The list of people who might have offended you might be uncountable noun. You may see no reason for your to forgive and forget because of the magnitude of the offense. But I am sure you want to make progress, isn't it? Forgive those who have wronged you, also forgive yourself for not being as satisfactory as you want. 

2. Forget your sad stories

What stories spoils your day whenever it comes to your mind? Forget it. It's a thing of the past, you don't need it to move into the future. Sad stories it rips apart your joy and enthusiasm to progress into the future. What you need is a happy, joyful and peaceful mind which sad stories will never give to you. Do away your grief and embrace a more prosperous future.

3  Don't see yourself as a victim anymore

It's so unfortunate that most times the things that have happened to you before and even now might make you think you are so unfortunate. My dear you are not. You are only a victim when you accept that you are. If you want to have the courage to face the future then you have to see yourself not as a victim but as a victor. Your mind tells you who you and that comes to be. If you think you are a victim then get ready for unfortunate circumstances because they will be.

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