Here's a shortcut to make money fast from blogging

So you really want to make money online with your own blog?

You answered yes? 

Let's assume you said yes. You will discover right now a shortcut to make money fast from blogging.

First I will have to recommend you use Google blogger. That's what I use.

You can as well register a free domain name. I use WhoGoHost

Follow this simple step to link the domain you bought from WhoGoHost to your Google blogger.

Now to the main business. If you want to make money fast you need to start with a name for your blog.

There's a lot of competition going on. You probably need a blog name generator to come up with a befiting name for your blog.

There are also some techniques I recommend if you want to be a blog estelle.

Such blog estelle techniques listed below will guide you:

  1. Write regularly
  2. Publish as well as share
  3. Reaserch keywords first
  4. Do what you are proud of

Now to your main business which is your blog post

If you need a good blog post you have to make reaserch.

Keyword reaserch is the first step. I recommend H-suppertools' keyword reaserch tool as a good tool if you need a free keyword reaserch tool.

You can as well look for blog post idea generator that makes it easy for you to generate ideas for your blog post. HubSpot has a good blog idea generator for your blog post titles. They also have blog content idea generator.

Then you start monetization process.

You may like Google adsense. It's the best monetization option for bloggers. It makes more money for you if you choose it as you primary source of income from you blog. 

There are so many other options out there. Just do a Google search.

I also recommend other affiliate marketing options like:.


Guaranteed downline club


And so on...


You have in you the ability to start making money now from the comfort of your home.

What are you waiting for to start blogging?