Stop selling with logic. Use this instead.

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I see so many companies trying to sell with logic.


And I’m sick of it.


“This purchase is a no-brainer!”


“This car is clearly the best deal out there!”


“We’ve been cleaning windows for over 30 years!”


And on and on.


They try to hammer people to buy with logic. But most of the time...


What happens?


Customers RUN the other way.


On the other hand, there are brands barely saying anything yet have MILLIONS of fans stepping over each other to get a hold of the product.


Why? What do they do differently?


Those brands understand one of the biggest secrets in business and sales.


“People buy with emotion, then justify with logic.”


A great example of this is the tech-giant Apple. They came out with one innovative product after another.


But they didn’t focus on megabytes and or some other logical feature...


They focused on emotional appeal. For example, Steve Jobs introduced the iPod as:


“1000 songs in your pocket.”


And it changed the world of technology forever. Customers would literally camp outside Apple stores all across America to get their products.


And they became more than just buyers, they become raving fans.


See the lesson?


Mastering the ability to appeal to emotion is definitely one of the more important parts of selling...


And yet very few people actually teach you how to do this properly.


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