The 3 most powerful secrets to defeat the feeling of failure

Do you feel like you are not succeeding?

Do you have that inner longing to achieve more but you feel inadequate and unfulfilled?

There are lots and lots of reasons why you feel so defeated.

Maybe in your business your profit is really small.

Maybe your effort to make money doesn't pay.

Maybe you are trying your best buy just can't come up to the expectations associated with the kind of effort you put.

Let's say you work very hard and smart but at the end you receive nothing. 

Let's say all you have been getting from the things you do are nothing to write home about.

Let's say you study, you work and you make sure to do things the way they should be done, but at the end you see failure.

How do you defeat this failure, now and forever?

There are three key secrets you can make use of to defeat the feeling of failure. 

These secrets are always available to you and you have total control over them. The issue with you is that you were never aware about their potency.

But now you know that you can do it. You can soar above al your limitations. You can achieve whatever you want. 

Just take a look at the three (3) most powerful secrets to defeat the feeling of failure:

  1. Your thinking
  2. You attitude
  3. Your attention 

Your thoughts

What do you think about? 

Do you think that you will succeed or you will fail? 

Don't be carried away into having vain thoughts. Thoughts that dwell on failure always produces failures. 

If you want to be successful, you must think success. If you want to fail, you must think failure.

Most of the time you find yourself thinking about are the things you feed your mind with.

If you watch, read or talk about success or failure, you will think likewise always wether you are conscious or not. 

Most people who fail are those who think about failure without even knowing it.

You must feed your mind with positive things and you will consciously and unconsciously think about not failing.

Take your time and build a wall around your mind so that things related to failure can't find their way into your mind. 

Positive thoughts breeds positive outcomes.

Your attitude

Your attitude are your ideas, values, perceptions towards something (an object or a situation).

What are your ideas, values and perceptions towards success?

Do you have bad ideas? Do you perceive failure? Don't you value success?

Your ideas, values and perceptions comes from your associations...

When you find yourself amongst people who think failure is a normal thing and it is inevitable, you find yourself having the same belief system with them.

How do you want to defeat failure with such ideas and beliefs?

Successful people are people who have high regard for success. They don't see something bad about being successful.

It's not a taboo for them to make straight As in their results either in education or in business.

They don't feel it's a crime to be the best or get the highest. 

It's so unfortunate that most people tend to settle with average simply because they prefer to be average because of high expectations that are thrown to high achievers. 

When someone tell you not to go for the sky because you will fall, you simply need to walk away. If not you might end up seeing reasons with him or her.

Then small thoughts that condemns success starts trickling into your mind and you start embracing failure, even without your knowledge.

So guard your attitude is that you don't hate to be successful. Failure definitely is not what you want.

Your attention 

What consumes your time?

What do you always do when you find time to spare?

Whatever that draws your attention is what often finds expression around and within you.

Try not to have your focus on things that relates to failure.

Failure is not a friendly situation. It's comprised of regrets and of course learning by experience is not all rosy especially when you have a price to pay.

When you pay attention to success you will surely find it. Don't allow your attention to be focused on anything that suggest failure.


Think about the benefit of success in whatever you do. 

Do you feel the joy?

Do you feel the happiness?

Do you feel like to have more of it?

Set your mind, your attitude and attention to things that brings success. 

Focus your energy on things that will make you succeed. Don't think about failure. Don't worry about anything.

Worries brings failure to reality. Have the squirrel mentality. Just do what you know you have to do.

If you do your part success will come...

Don't go about carrying yourself in a way that brings in misfortune. 

Your thoughts, attitudes and attentions either brings success or failure depending on the direction you channel them.

Choose to align with success and you will definitely be free from failure.