The Biggest Mistake Income Earners Make

Are you an Income earner?

Do you have any means of getting money into your pocket?

In this article you will discover the bigger mistake income earners make so that you will avoid them.

Here are the biggest mistake income earners make:

1. Most income earners do not check their numbers.

How often do you check your numbers? Comment below.

The rich people have the habit of counting their money. They check regularly how much they are making and how much they are spending.

The poor on the other side do not know exactly how much they are making and how much they spend on daily basis. And you know what they get? They lose more than they earn.

Make it a habit to check your balances. That way you will know if you are making more money or if you are losing money.

You see, you only improve on what you measure. Measure your money and you will be able to multiply it.

2. Pay yourself first.

Maybe you have heard about paying yourself first and may not have understood clearly what that means.

To pay yourself first means to put away some part of your money aside and invest it to make more money before you start spending.

Most income earners fail to save good part of their income. Some save a lot but they do not invest the money to make more money.

Start saving at least 10% of your income and invest it in a high interest yielding investment platform.

Whenever you put your money in an interest yielding investment, it will make more money for you. Even the interest brings you more money as well.

3. Constantly improve your earning ability.

When you have a source of income you need to improve your ability to earn more.

By so doing, you can earn more money. You have more money to count and more to pay yourself first. The more you earn, the more money you can invest and the more richer you become.

Critically consider what you do that gives you money. Think of a way to improve your ability to earn more money from that thing and work on it.

The more money you can earn, the more money you have to put to work to earn you more money.


The rich people obey the rules of checking their numbers constantly. They pay themselves first. And they always improve their earning ability.

Note that not all income earners are rich. Those who are not rich are the ones who make the mistake.

They do not check how much they make and how much they spend. They not not pay themselves first by investing some percentage of their income regularly and by not improving their earning ability.