The real personal finance secrets you shouldn't ignore

Are you interested in taking your personal finance to a very high level?

There are lots of misguided people on the planet who wants to be rich but are not actually doing the right things.

If you are one of the people who think money isn't easy to get, just try and follow this 3 easy real personal finance secrets and see the result for yourself.

The real personal finance secrets you shouldn't ignore includes:

  1. Looking for the perfect budgeting is a waste of time
  2. Never discus income with others
  3. Never fail to invest more money

Looking for the perfect budgeting 

Maybe you subscribe to the idea of budgeting. But how do you do it?

You shouldn't believe that budgeting is bad either, but looking for the perfect budgeting model is a total waste of time because there's simply none.

When you devote your time and energy looking for how to do it best, you will end up not budgeting at all. And you know what? You spend recklessly.

You may have read a couple of books that condemn budgeting and may have believed. 

Well their points may be so enticing but hey, are you going to spend your money on anything that surfaces?

Budgeting is really recommended if you want to take your personal finance serious and also make it better. 

But never look for the perfect option, method or model.

You can check out this list of personal finance apps to get a headway towards your personal finance goals.

You can as well install some of the best personal finance software to help you if you work with a personal computer.

Never discus income with others

Do you know that when you seek to know how much others earn you end up feeling sorry for yourself?

When you want to earn more or invest it engage in any income bringing activities please do not ask questions about income of those in it already.

Their income may weaken your zeal to go into such a venture.

It may even hypnotize you into what will end up being a scam of the year.

If you want to earn, go ahead and start working. Your income must not be known before time by making enquiries first.

You can only ask questions directly to your employers or the company you want to work with to get a brief, but that's not necessary.

Never fail to invest more money

If you really need to make money through investment, you need to always increase your capital.

Most times you may feel discouraged to invest your money but you can't keep money in your bank and except never to touch it.

Your money should be forced to bringing more money for you. 

Making more money is the priority of every high income earners. You can only multiply your money by investing more as you earn more.

Never procrastinate. If you do please check out this guide to know why you do and also to defeat it forever.


More money for you means that you do not look for the best budgeting plan or model before you start budgeting.

It means that you always go ahead and venture into an investment or a business instead of asking others how much they earn.

It takes more money for you to earn more so you need to invest.

If you are interested, here's a link for a good investment opportunity to increase your money. Don't ask how much I earn because I will never tell you. Just get started.