Top 10 successful entrepreneurs and what they really do

Are you a successful entrepreneur or are you aspiring to be one?

Do you wish to know some of the most successful entrepreneurs and what they really do?

Here's a quick-read list of the top 10 most successful entrepreneurs and what they do.

Go through this list, get to know these people by reading about them through the link to their profiles which is also included. 

These people are ranked according to the impact their business has in the world and also how wealthy they are. The list starts from the number 10 down to the number 1 including an honorable mention.

10. Larry Page.
Known for Google (online search)
9. Sergey Brin
Known for Google (online search)

8. Walt Disney
Known for Disneyland and Disney World (Motion Picture, Television, and Showman)

7. Steve Jobs 
Known for Apple (computers and media devices)

6. Andrew Carnegie 
Known for oil and steel manufacturing 

5. Warren Buffet 
Known for Berkshire Hathaway
4. Mark Zuckerberg 
Know for Facebook (social media and networking)

3. Elon Musk
Know for Tesla Motors and SpaceX

2. Bill Gates
Known for Microsoft (Personal computer)

1. Jeff Bezos
Known for Amazon (E-Commerce)

Honorable Mention: John D. Rockefeller 
Known for investing and philanthropy