Twelve Principles to contact healing through attitude

Twelve Principles to contact healing through attitude

Do you want healing?

Do you need to become a better person?

Do you want to discover how you can get healed just by simple changes of your attitude?

The twelve principles to contact healing through attitude:

1. The essence of your being is love
2. Health is inner peace, healing is letting go of fear
3. Giving and receiving are an equivalent
4. You will abandon the past and of the longer term
5. Now's the sole time there's and every instant is for giving
6. You will learn to like others by forgiving instead of judging
7. You will become love finder instead of fault-finder
8. You will choose and direct yourself to be peaceful inside no matter what's happening outside
9. You are student and teacher to every other
10. You will specialize in the entirety of life instead of the fragments
11. Since love is eternal, death needn't be viewed as fearful
12. You will always perceive others as either loving or fearful and giving a call of help for love
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