Why you procrastinate and how you can stop it now and forever

Procrastination is a very bad part of every human. It stops work from being done and it gets success to be overwhelmingly difficult.

When you procrastinate you simply do realize that it's not just you who does that, it's in everyone. So why do we procrastinate?

Why do we procrastinate?

  1. The Perfectionist: Everything must be perfect. 
  2. The lazy one: Wants to but lazy to do
  3. The measurer: Checks on others progress but condemns oneself and not doing.
  4. The futurist: Putting everything to a future date, giving up at the end because the future might be horrible.
  5. The I don't know how: Never tries until well educated from thousands of books, videos, etc. Ends up not doing.
  6. The dumb listener: Listens to what others have to say, not focusing and ends up not doing.
  7. The Harper :Jumping from one thing to the other.
  8. The shit maker (complainer): Complans and never doing. Always giving bad reasons why it's not good to start doing.

Everybody have the above listed procrastination demons, but the truth is if you will defeat them, you don't feed them.

When you think about what you have to do before you do it, you are feeding your procrastination demos.

For you not to be over infected with the virus of procrastination, you ought to do what you need to do before you think about it.

The key to defeat procrastination is not getting things done, the key is just doing those things without inner conflict.

Actions drive out thoughts.

Whenever you feel like thinking about what you need to do, simply do the thing. By so doing you will make it a part of you.

You will no longer have to think before you do the right thing, it takes out the inner conflict that makes you a constant procrastinator.

Secrets to getting things done

Integration (don't count on doing things when you feel like it)  not motivation. 

Don't push yourself to do things, just do them. 

Don't subscribe to discipline, make what you do a part of you. When you force yourself you don't get things done.


If you must defeat procrastination forever, all you need to do is to set time for what you need to do and when the time comes, do it without thinking.

Don't depend on motivation to be able to stick with your decision to do a thing.

Motivation fails but constant doing without thought helps a lot.

The best way to work with yourself and achieve a lot is not to be disciplined. You don't want to be forced to do something, right?

So why do you have to subject yourself to force before you do what you need to do?

Make it a very automatic something that at this or thatt time I have to do this or that. And when that time reaches never allow any of those procrastination demons dominate you.

Note, wealth (success) is being committed to one idea over time.

You can only achieve your goals when you stick to your decisions, not by thinking but by doing.