2 best ways you can follow to guard against negativity

In this article you will discover the 2 best ways you can follow to guard against negativity.

Have you ever....

..found yourself in negative situations you cant really explain how you got in?

...wished you can solve the problem you are in but you can't really do much to get out?

...do you find person "lucky" and wish to enjoy same?

Here are the 2 simple to implement principles to help you overcome negativity

Your beliefs, either positive or negative, helpful or hurtful, largely determine everything you do and how you do it. – Brian Tracy

1. Become more aware of who you are

If you can define more vividly who you really are then your negativity oriented problems will diminish. 

You wouldn't have problem identifying the things that gets you trapped in the negative zone. 

Be more aware of who you are. Define things that are not you and get them placed in their right places. Don't define things that are not you to be you. 

The house you own, the car you own, your family, your friends, your clothes, everything that is not your sole is not you, even your physical body. Understanding this will help you avoid most of the things that introduces negativity.

When you have successfully defined what is you and what is not you, then follow yourself up with positive thoughts.

Think of yourself as a blessed person. Have it in your mind that you have the ability to do whatever you want to do. Nothing can stop you to get the good things that you desire and deserve. 

Positive thoughts produces positive events. Don't limit yourself. Don't be an obstacle to yourself by having negative thoughts about yourself.

2. Practice more positive self talks 

Positive self talks will serve as a propeller for you to soar high above negativity. When you speak of things which are positive to yourself, you simply feed your mind with positive things. Your environmental as well will deliver the things which you ask through your words. 

When you speak positively, you believe and act positively. There's nothing that can stop you from getting negativity out of your arena if you saturate yourself mind with positive thoughts.

Even if bad things should happen, as far as you speak good things about yourself and to yourself, the negative impact if such things will be as minute as possible.


The things that happens to you are largely dependent upon you. Your words and your thoughts. 

If you want to deal with negativity and eradicated it from your life then you have to choose your words and your thoughts. 

Practice these 2 best tips and you will really enjoy more positive events and activities in your life:

  1. Become more aware of who you are.
  2. Practice more positive self talks.