3 Best strategies to live debt free

3 Best strategies to live debt free
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Tuesday, June 29, 2021

Pay every debt as if God wrote the bill - Ralph waldo emerson

Are you looking for a way have a debt-free life?

Welcome to the new life, here you don't owe anyone anything.

One of the worries that troubles most people is debt. Most people are deeply in debt and they ever wonder, when will I be debt-free?

If you are interested in paying off your car, your house, your loan, whatever, follow these 3 best strategies I have found.

1. Don't borrow more

Provided that you already owe, don't go borrowing again. If you wan to be seriously free from debt, you don't get more into it just to pay off the ones you are in already. Getting more debt to settle old debt, even if they are interest free, you will never stop borrowing and stop owing. So make that decision now never to borrow again.

2. Set a plan to pay off every debt

Maybe you earn very little to take care of your self not even to pay debt. There's a good news for you, 5% of your income per day is enough to set you free from debt in just 3-6 months. Just do a check of how much you earn per day and set aside 5% of that money towards servicing your loans. Even if you are paid monthly, you can get away with spending 5% per day.

3. Save and invest for emergency

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The best way to set yourself free from debt is to make the decision of not borrowing again. Calculate and set aside 5% of your daily income towards settling your debts. Save and invest your money to make more money.