9 best tips to start your morning with peace and presence

9 best tips to start your morning with peace and presence

Every morning when you wake up do you want peace and prescence?

Of course most of us want to wake up beisng alive, peaceful and hopeful.

But it is unfortunate that it's not everybody that achieves that.

Maybe because of the past. Maybe because of the present. Or maybe because of the future.

Whatever be the case, it's not enough reason for you to live your life below your standard.

When you live below your standard  it means that you are not at your best and you are not manifesting your best potentials.

That cannot be what you want for your life. You want to be happy and fulfiled unless you have decided to waste your life. A wasted life is not an ideal life for a great and wonderful being like you.

So go ahead and learn the 9 best tips to start your morning with peace and presence.

1. Go to bed leaving irrelevant behind

Whenever you are ready to go to bed please do so by leaving irrelevant things behind.

Such irrelevant things could be whatever that is not you, worries, anxieties, hurts, hatred, malice, work, performance, anything that do not belong to your soul.

Do this everyday at bed time and you will wake up more peaceful and with more prescence.

2. Go to bed in peace

After letting go of everything that are irrelevant, ensure you sleep in peace.

Make sure you are comfortable by taking a shower (just water poured from your head that runs through your entire body), make sure you are not hungry, and of course empty your mind with thoughts and then sleep in silence in a comfortable place.

3. Wake up with gratitude

You should be aware that everyday millions of people sleep and they do not wake up and it's not always their fault.

Life is a gift and you should be thankful for it. There is nothing more rewarding as being grateful and thankful. For more peace emulate the lifestyle of any grateful and thankful person you can think of. 

4. Feed and exercise your body

Your body must be in good condition before you can really have peace. If any part of your body hurts or you are down with illness you will have no peace. 

You need to feed your body and you need to exercise it too. You also need to ensure thst you don't feed your body with junk food. Vegetables and fruits are great treats for your body.

5. Feed and exercise your brain

Your brain is the center of all your activities and it should be well fed and exercised if it must be at it's best.

To feed your brain you need good brain foods. Here's a list of some of the recommended braim foods you should eat.

You should also feed your brain with more knowledge. Engage your brain by reading, watching videos, listening to podcasts, and more to learn new things.

To exercise your brain you need to engage in difficult tasks to get your brain work. Things like writing a journal or playing a brain intensive game like chess. All this strengthen your brain connections and cognitive abilities.

6. Don't think of the past if not to learn and make changes

Most people only think of the past and they end up invoking fear and worries associated with it. If you must think of the past you should do so just to grab the lessons from it and to make the necessary changes.

To be start your day peaceful and with more prescence you don't need to think of the past first before other things that ypu need to do.

7. Do the right things at the right time

There's nothing more peaceful than the feeling of accompliahment. 

When you have aomething to do, try and do it at the right time else you will develop a procrastination problem for yourself.

Don't put work off for later if you can deal with it now. Do your best now and you will gain.

8. Give peace and prescence

Most times when you find yourself with troubled people or creature do your best to extend the peace and prescence you have to them.

If it involves solving their problem, giving advice, moral support, money, help, a simple smile or an act of kindness and love, anything you can give.

Giving fascilitates receiving ao don't think that you are wasting your time, energy and resources. 

9. Don't engage in vain activities

Vain activities constitutes those things that will neber contribute anything good to your life. 

Things like gossip, spreading of false rummors, hurting others for vain glory, sleeping when you have work to do and anything illegal.

Don't do these things else you will have no peace and good prescence. 

Do you have anything you consider helpful for more peaceful morning? Have you gotten to the level you think your morning is peaceful? Please comment below.

If you find this article helpful and interesting please do share it on social media.

Thanks for your time and remain blessed.
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