God on my side

God on my side
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Thursday, June 24, 2021

What would I have done if not God's name

What would I have done with my living head

I would have gone if not God's grace

I would have long been a living dead

Work without earnings would have been my share

Long time gone that would be my case

But God's merciful and surely showed he care

Fighting my course showhing no restrain 

I can't imagine hits from the Pharisees

Those with the white robe but they like to sin

To be seen is their way and they like to sing

And a smile on my face they will feel defeat

This is why I've been scared to go into Street

But now I got cover God is no my team

So far as i am living I am here to win

God thank you so much for giving me the lead

This trust in God is my secret bill

I can't run I can't take a sleeping pill

I pray with all my faith am gonna make it big

Nothing can destroy my winning streak 

Not a sling not a broom that can bring me doom

God wrote safe and secure is my minutes book

Love and care all around my siting room

No mistake don't allow a minutes doom

I thank God for not allowing my enemies to smile

I trust God for carrying me and for me not to cry

When devils shows up and I have to fight

My angels shows up with their swords to strike

Oh this Jesus Christ what a friend of mine

He always shows up and always knows my mind

He does save and befriends when the billows rise

He does stay when my friends and family snips