How not to waste time

How not to waste time
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Wednesday, November 10, 2021

How not to waste time

Do you want to stop wasting your time? Here's a good step by step list of how not to waste time.

You want to do something without wasting time? 

Let's say you want to read up an 250-paged book without distractions and boredom, what do you do?

1. Make sure you are alone and in a quiet place. Don't mind those that says they can read or study anywhere. Those people never engage in any serious study.

2. Make sure you are comfortable. Imagine feeling heat when you want to do something that will consume your time. Do get a cold bath before proceeding to do anything that requires brain work. Why do you think people take their bath before going to office or school?

3. Make sure you have a concrete plan. If you want to successfully complete any task you need to make a good plan first and write down in detail what your aim and objectives are.

4. Don't look at the remaining work or the already done work. Those are distractions. Looking at what you have done will fill your head with pride and looking at what you have not done will fill your head with tiredness.

5. Make sure to take necessary brakes. When you do something that will last for a long time, ensure you map out break periods. Schools and offices does that. Professionals and top achievers does that too. Why don't you?

6. Don't forget to appreciate yourself. Naturally you like appreciation. Why not give it to yourself? If you want to achieve more, love yourself enough to get a reward for yourself.

7. Have a next time. Every good work does not end once. Look forward to coming back and expanding the good things you do, it brings about growth and development.