7 Nurse Practitioner Side Hustles to Pay Off Debt Faster


Working a part-time or full-time job as a nurse practitioner allows you to help others while earning a good salary. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the 2020 median pay for nurse practitioners is $117,670, annually.

Though it’s a sizable salary, the most recent American Association of Colleges of Nursing Debt Report found that 69% of nursing students took out student loans. By graduation, the average nursing school graduate carried a student debt total of $40,000 to $54,999, according to the same report.

Considering that educational costs continue to climb each year, this debt burden is likely higher for today’s graduates. Whether you’re paying off student loans or saving money for other life goals, a nurse practitioner side hustle can provide extra income.

Capitalizing on your existing skills and knowledge as a nurse practitioner is the best way to make money on the side. If you’re ready to get started, below are the top nurse practitioner side hustles to explore.

1. Take on per-diem shifts

One of the easiest and best nurse practitioner side hustles is to do what you’re already doing and take on per-diem shifts. According to Talent.com, you could earn between $57 to $100 per hour through this side hustle. 

This earning opportunity lets you take on work at a schedule you want and earn extra cash in the process. Ask your current job for extra per-diem shifts for on-call nurses. If your employer doesn’t offer per-diem shifts, consider working additional hours at another healthcare facility.

You can find per-diem side gig shifts on Glassdoor and Indeed.

As of December 2021, we’re still in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic with the first case of the Omicron variant hitting the US in California. Because of the pandemic and also the arrival of winter — AKA flu season — the US is in need of nurse practitioners to administer COVID-19 vaccines, boosters and the annual flu shot.

You might find extra work within your healthcare facility, local Department of Health, or neighborhood pharmacy to help with immunizations. How much you can earn varies by state and the type of organization.

3. Become a freelance health writer or blogger

Online publications are looking for freelance healthcare writers who have the professional credentials to distill complex ideas into easy-to-understand language. This side gig can lead to earnings of several hundred dollars or more per article depending on the client, and adds a new layer of creative work to your nursing career.

Through freelance writing, you can specialize in healthcare writing and create content for medical companies or providers, blogs, websites, newsletters and more.

To get started, create your own blog and start blogging about health-related topics that showcase your expertise. You can also reach out to online publications by cold pitching them with samples of your blog writing.

4. Work as an IV infusion nurse

As a nurse practitioner side hustle, you can work as an IV infusion nurse. In places like Los Angeles, there are many alternative wellness clinics that give IV boosts of vitamins or hydration. Many people go there for a boost in energy or after a rough night on the town.

How much you stand to earn through this side hustle varies by location and the business you’re working for; however, according to Indeed data, you could earn between $36 to $70 per hour.

5. Become an adjunct professor

As a nurse practitioner, your real-world experience can help you earn up to $70 per hour as an adjunct professor. Utilize your knowledge and experience by teaching sessions at a local college or working as a clinic supervisor.

To get started, check local colleges for open positions.

6. Start a health coaching business

If we’ve learned anything from the pandemic, it’s that maintaining your health is crucial. Many people need help and support to achieve their wellness goals, and this is just the guidance you can provide as a health professional.

As a health coach, you can set your own rates, and work one-on-one with clients or through an organization to leverage your skills and expertise to help others. You can help clients and patients manage certain health conditions or make recommendations on how to live a healthier lifestyle. You might specialize in managing chronic health conditions, for example, and offer clients help with their condition along their path toward optimal health.

Learn more information from the National Board for Health and Wellness Coaching. To market yourself, promote your coaching business on social media or LinkedIn, and if appropriate, certain Facebook groups.

7. Work as a tutor

One of the best side hustles for nurse practitioners is working as a tutor for students studying for their nursing degree. You can put your educational knowledge training to work while getting paid extra money.

Varsity Tutors is a tutoring service that connects nurse practitioner tutors with students in need of academic help. Through tutoring, you’d set your own rates and potentially earn up to $75 per hour.

If you’re considering nurse practitioner side jobs, it’s important to evaluate your time and energy and end-goal. For example, you might want to save $50,000 for a home down payment or pay off $20,000 in student loans (helpful hint: refinancing might help, too).

Be specific and measurable, so you know what you’re working toward. Also, look at the time commitment and hourly rate you’ll get from a nurse practitioner side job. If you’re not earning your ideal hourly rate or are already overwhelmed with your full-time job, it might not be your season for a side hustle yet.

If you need help with your student loan debt, we have consultants that can come up with a plan that makes sense for your situation. Schedule a consultation with an experienced planner today.