The three questions buyers ask before they can buy from you

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So here are the three (3) questions buyers ask before they buy:

Have you been a buyer before? Of course yes. You have bought countless number of things from countless number of people. If you could go back in time to check what you were thinking you will discover that these three questions were dominant in your mind.

1. Can i trust the person/brand/company?

Of course the question of trust comes first before the buyer can even start considering to buy or not to buy. If you don't trust a seller you wouldn't buy as the last thing you want to do is to risk losing your money. Trust is what you need to get the customer start considering to buy from you, and to do that you will need to build good relationships and good reviews.

2. Is this person/brand/company competent?

What do you do? Who have bought from you before and how well do they recommend you? You have to be well trusted and relied upon to deliver exactly what you promise. In fact the things you have done speaks volume than the things you have said. If you must get customers to buy from you, you must have delivered great values and people should know about your work. It is not illegal to ask your existing customers to drop authentic reviews about what they have bought from you. Do not also fail to ask your customers to tell others about what you sold to them.

3. Is this person talented?

Your talent is a great possession and it makes you to standout from other people who does the same thing with you.
Can you answer this right now, what is that talent that makes you different and probably better than others who does the same thing as you? Comment below and you may get a buyer right from this blog. Talent is a keyword that resounds in the mind of buyers. If you have great talent, then you will have great buyers, period. So what do you think? Develop you talent? Tell people about your talent? All of these are good ideas and you need to implement them right now to start selling more than you have ever sold starting from now.

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