What do you think really drives personal development?

I have been one of those personal development freaks right from day one I got to know the meaning of success. I have read lost of books ranging from brain development to eating habits all in a bid to get access to the answer for  what really drives personal development.

What make a person a better person? Your words? Thoughts? Attitude? Character? All these are identified as good chances when positively exhibited. I can't seem to get hold of any piece that names exactly what exactly is the driving factor for personal development.

You may start wondering why I am asking this question. You may as well have lots of questions like this also to ask. Whatever route you are on the underlying truth is that all of us are seeking for answers to make ourselves better.

Let's say you stumble upon a tablet of stone with a clean layout of the print "Personal Development is Driving by ...." and the dot is filled, would you covert the stone?

Of course we all love secretes and whenever we come across one that promises unimaginable benefits we try our best to grab the opportunity.

Let me show some of the steps I have come across the web as I make my research

Step to achieve personal development

1. Accept yourself

Do you think there is any way you will be willing to work hard to develop what you do not accept? 

Accepting yourself is the very best thing you can do if you are willing to become better. 

You don't allow people to define your worth or to ridicule you in anyway or by any means.

Look yourself in the mirror and remind yourself that you are beautifully and wonderfully made by God Himself.

Whenever you are ready to stop condemning yourself only then you become ready to proceed with your personal development plans.

2. Have meaningful goals achievable in little steps

Wondering what to do next after you have accepted yourself? Just take a pen and a paper and write down the things you want to achieve.

Do you want to start learning a new skill? Start a new career or business? Whatever it is you think will add value to you is what you are to write down and make sure to break it down step by step and how to get them done.

3. Get to know yourself better

It is obvious that people don't know themselves more than others know them.

If you want to successfully achieve personal development then you must have a better knowledge of yourself far more than others do.

If is what you know about yourself that guides you towards the path you need to follow. Your strengths, weaknesses, threats and opportunities should be well known so you don't water your time.

4. Build your connections

Social media shouldn't be limited to only chatting and posting of updates. Use it to know about real events you can attend and meet real people who are also inclined towards your goals.

The connections you have will enable you advance towards a better you because there are people who are better than you are and are willing to help those that comes around them.

5. Do the mediation stuff

You must have heard or read severally that personal development is a part and parcel of meditation. If this is your first time hearing that then you need to buy me coffee for sharing this with you.

Meditation is what helps you to make thorough check of your progress both inwardly and outwardly. 

You will really appreciate the time you keep quiet and get connected to the universal body that surges life with the success that beams everywhere.

6. Follow and learn from someone

You can never say you don't know any successful person you wish to be like or at least get what he or she already have. 

If you don't know anyone then use this opportunity and get people. Sfimg.com is a good place to start if you fancy affiliate like communities.

7.  Don't stop learning

If you want to always be better once you have started then you must keep learning new things.

As you know there is nothing else that can make you better if not that you engage in consistent learning.

Alison.com is a great place to learn anything for free. Personally I have learnt a lot and there and I have my certificates and diplomas.

8. Always be grateful

You must always show the people that are helping you that you are happy and you appreciate their help. Being grateful is a very big requirement for personal development.

Tell people how much you appreciate what they do for you and you will never loose them when you need them.

Gratitude is the mother of all favours.

9. Do what you love doing

I believe in passion and I believe it can help you navigate the tide of always looking for what next thing to do. 

You cannot get tires of what you love and you will never lack ideas on how to keep doing what you love. 

Passion is needed for personal development and so you must have it for whatever you do that adds values to you.

10. Have people around you with the same mindset

Your goals are identical with people's and so look out for such people and give them the chance to be around you.

The more people of the same mindset are closer to you, the more ideas, inspirations and of course team work comes to fruition.

Don't waste your time with people who don't know where they are headed and you will realize that success is achievable.

The things that are needed for personal development are not far fetched. They are within and around you. Have you found them?

Please if you have more ideas share with us so we get to grow together.