Welcome to 2022, a year of major technology advancement

I Okorie Benjamin Chinaza Anya humbly welcomes you to 2022.

I must say that 2021 was a year of different trials for us especially working on different themes and topics to publish, but finally we settled.

I am no longer working on finding a topic to write about because I have decided to make Ben Okorie's Blog an open blog for personal development and finance. So the focus now is to build an ecosystem where knowledge in my chosen topics is freely and publicly shared and accessed by my global audience.

This post is via e-mail which I have made it visible starting today, 1st January, 2022. I need everyone to write and read whatever they find helpful on Ben Okorie's Blog.

I and my team are working on making sure we don't render our blog to become a spam box, we sincerely ask our audience never to publish malicious or pornographic content, hate speech, or whatever content is considered to be degrading to anyone using this blog.

Generally I look forward to a good year for myself, my team and my audience.

#betterdaysahead, #wemove